Boudoir is so exhilarating, it's fun and uplifting. You'll leave your session feeling pampered, sexy and energized.
BUT..... EVERYONE is nervous before their first session. Here are some tips and most frequently asked questions I get. This will help you prepare for your shoot and hopefully ease your nerves just a bit.

Your age (18+), weight, race, or any other circumstance does not matter. If you have an intense desire to love yourself, experience the ultimate confidence booster, or just have a fun day that is all about YOU, then boudoir photography is right for you! While boudoir makes an incredible gift for any occasion, you should be first and foremost doing this for you. We will make you feel like a goddess every step of the way.

How do I know if boudoir photography is right for me?

But I’m sooo nervous – I’ve never done anything like this before!

How do I know if boudoir photography is right for me?

Girl, almost everyone is nervous to do something like this – that’s what makes it so fun! Use this opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and feel an intense rush of pride and happiness that you did something for yourself. Plus, we have a lot of fun and you won’t be nervous once we start shooting!

How much does a boudoir photoshoot cost?

This is an all-inclusive, luxury experience. There are several boudoir packages to fit anyone's needs. The beautiful thing about doing boudoir with PurVida studios is that the cost includes the session fee AND your enhanced Images, as well as so much more!
Every session includes:
-Full session prep and wardrobe planning
-Professional hair styling and boudoir makeup
-Champagne/ Mimosas to take the edge off
-Access to our studio
-The actual photoshoot
-Access to our client closet of lingerie, clothing, props & accessories 
-Enhanced Images
-Our Premium package includes an 8x11 leather album for you or your significant other

I’m not comfortable with myself. Can you Photoshop me?

First of all, it hurts my heart to hear anyone ask this — it’s one of the many reasons I specialize in boudoir photography.

I do skin retouching including removing temporary bruises or acne, lighting/color adjustments, and skin smoothing. I do not alter your body in any way. Let me know of any insecurities that you have and we will use lighting, angles, and posing to enhance the assets you love about yourself.

PurVida stands for the "Pure Life" and my goal is to capture your pure beauty and altering your body would do more harm than good. This is an opportunity to embrace and love the skin your currently in, to see your body in a new light, through someone else's eyes.

What if I don’t want anyone else to see my images?

That is 100% your choice! You do NOT have to permit the use of any of your images. It is your body and your privacy, you have the right to that privacy. The only reason that I have client images on my website, social feeds, and marketing materials is because those women gave me explicit permission to do so via their “Model Release Form.” Everyone is required to sign one of these forms before your session your session, but there is a section where you disclose your wishes. I would NEVER use your images without your permission.

How long does it take to get my Boudoir Photos Back?

My typical turn around time is 2-3 weeks from the time of your shoot. However, if I can deliver them sooner, I WILL!

What should I expect from my session?

Your boudoir experience will be a day of pampering and luxury. Upon arrival, you will be given a plush robe to relax in and a glass of champagne to take the edge off and make you feel like a queen. We will go over wardrobe options and work together to decide on the perfect looks for you. You will have access to my "boudie" closet of outfits, props and accessories, ultimately you need to feel comfortable and sexy in whatever your in because it shows in your photos. Your hair & makeup will be perfected and then we will jump in! Don't worry, your shoot will be done in a private and comfortable setting, and by the end of your shoot, you will be so comfortable in your skin and feeiong like a million bucks. 

What should I wear?

We will go over wardrobe options and work together to decide on the perfect looks for you. You will have access to my "boudie" closet of outfits, props and accessories, ultimately you need to feel comfortable and sexy in whatever your in because it shows in your photos. I always recommend bringing your own options as well, something you have tried on and know you look and feel good in. The options are endless.

I have some people bring in dresses, jean jackets, faux fur and body suits. It’s all up to you and the vibe you want to create at your session. You ABSOLUTELY DO NOT have to wear lingerie in order to be sexy!

Here are some options I always suggest bringing:
-Comfy oversized sweater
-One of your mans special shirts (button up, football jersey, work uniform, anything else significant that belongs to your partner)
-Sexy Shoes
-Costume, cosplay, or nerdy t-Shirts of your (or his) favorite nerdy hobby i.e Star wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, ect.

There are so many online shops with many different sizing and styles to chose from. Victoria’s secret, La Senza, Forever 21, Torrid , Lace, SHEIN and amazon are great too. Make sure to order far in advance (I recommend at the same time as booking your session) to ensure there is enough shipping time and you'll also want to try it on to make sure it makes you feel fabulous!
If you are looking for something specific and havnen’t found it yet, let me know and I may know where to get it.

What are some tips and must haves to make sure I have the best session ever?!?!

Here are some things you should know and do to prep for your session:
-Make sure your nails are done! It doesn't have to be professional, but nothing will ruin the perfect shot faster than ugly nails.
-Minimize tan lines, while I can even out slight tan lines, I can't fix harsh lines
-Stretch, Stretch, STRETCH!! This is soooo important
-Drink lots of water the day of and the day before
-Avoid alcohol for at least a few days before your shoot as alcohol will bloat you 
-If you choose to do you own makeup do not skip lipstick and false eye lashes!!

I Can't wait to work with you!!
 I hope this FAQ helped calm any nerves you may have but if you have any other questions, please feel free to text or email me!

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